Shozo Shimamoto

Shozo Shimamoto

Born: 1928 in Osaka, Japan, dead in Italy 2013.

He attends the studio of Jiro Yoshihara, 1947 the fist time where he produces his first "hole" works.

In 1954 he establishes the Gutai movement together with leader Jiro Yoshihara and others students. The name GUTAI was Shimamotos suggestion.

He is best known for the action bottle crash, where he thows glass bottles filled with paints on a canvas.

In 1997 he has performed in my gallery in Cologne.

Shoso Shimamoto

Shozo Shimamoto
"Lancio di Loco-Cup"

mixed media on canvas, signet and dated, 2000, 90 x 225 cm,

Certificado di Autenticia so Foto dell arstista.

Catalogo della mostra "Size", Complesso museale di San Fracesco, Trevi, 26.3. - 14. 7.2005, page 28

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Shozo Shimamoto

Shozo Shimamoto

Acryl on card board, signed

Size: 51,5 x 36,5 cm