Jiro Yoshihara
Jiro Yoshihara

Yoshihara, Jiro

Jiro Yoshihara was born in Osaka in 1905. After he had taken his doctor´s degree in economics at the University of Kanasai in 1928, he started working in his father´s oil factory.

In the same yaer his first exhibition took place in Osaka. After 1934 he took part in the exhibition of the group Nika, initially as a figurativ painter (typical are his fish inspired by Chiriko), later as abstract painter. As such he received an award at an exhibition of Nika in 1937.

Together with Yoshihiga Saito and Takeo Yamaguchi he organized the Kyushitsu an abstract avan-garde group in 1938, wich was created within the Nika.

in the folloeing yaers he was influenced by surrealism, and subsequentlly by the Art Brut and Dubuffed.

After the war he advocated the promotion of artistic life in Kasai, making use also of his ownenormous financial maens as an oil industrialist; in 1948 he took part in the founding of the art association of Ashiya, whose president he became shortly after. In 1952 he led the Gendai bjutsu kondam(Talks on Contemporary Art, meening heldby the young artists from  Kansai each month, in order to discuss contemporary art. Several artists united around him from the Gutai group.

In the activities of the group Yoshihara has played an extremely important role as initiator and organizer, since he was to be the one the who proposed "novelties" like the first open-air exhibition or the "art on the stage".

In addition to a few of his installations or actions of considerable interest he dedicated himself mainly to painting. His characteristic motif is that of the cirle, initially painted with speed and gestic approach.

After his death in February 1972 the Gutai group dissolved.


Jiro Yoshihara

Jiro oshihara

5 ink drawings with 5 Certificates of Registration Japan Art Dealer Association.

20,3 x 16,3 cm, 19,5 x 13,5 cm, 17,5 x 13,2 cm, 20,5 x 14,5 cm, 16,7 x 11 cm.

One drawing ist signed and four drawings are monographet Y.

Price: 14.000,-Euro

Jiro Yoshihara

Indian ink on paper,signed, 39,5 x 39,5 cm,

With a certificate of Registration by Japan Art Dealers Association.