Saburo Murakami

Saheburo Murakami was born in Kobe in 1925, died 1996 in Nishinomiya.

In 1948 he took his doctor´s degre in philosophy at

the universitz of Kansai, and he specialized in aestheics. In 1953 he took part in founding the group Zero, wich was then mergeg in Gutai.

In 1960 he was appointed official delegate of Japan at the International

Centre of Aesthetic Research in Turin.

His first work have a metal valence like the emty "frame", wicht transforms landscapes and persons into "pictures", or "glass cube" which catches the "air".

However, his reputation is mainly due to the happening, and especially to

the "paper tearing".

Saburo Murakami

Collage on paper, signed and dated, 1976

Size: 38.2 x 26.6 cm
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