Senkichiro Nasaka

senkichiro nasaka was born 1923

He studied painting at the Nakanoshime Western-Style Painting Institute in 1937 in osaka and Kawabata Painting School in Tokyo in 1941  before ultimatly graduiating from the Department of Japanese painting, Kyoto City University of Arts, in 1952.

Nasaka´s Gutai-period works demontrate an interest in serpentine froms, technology and movement. In Servo Line 8 1969, an accordion tube powered by electric motors and automatic controller wriggled on the floor. Nagasaka exhibited a larger-scale Installation with tubes in Gutai Art for spece Age in 1967, and he designed the Gutai group xhibition in the Midori Pavilion at Expo ´70 by extending a winding metal pipe construction Throughout the hall on wich Gutai works were hung and thrugh wich musique concrete was piped

he joined the gutai group 1965 and exhibited his work in the same year in the 15th gutai exhibition and ever since.

Senkichiro Nasaka

Mixed media on paper, signed and dated, 1962

Size: 37,5 x 59,3 cm

Price: sold