Tsuruko Yamazaki

She was born in Osaka in 1929.

Together with Shimamoto she was one of Jiro Yoshiharas first students. the first years of of the Gutai she dedicated her work mainly to metallic or reflecting material. In the painting which began after his she had preserved in particularly lively and brilliant color shades.

She war part in all exhibitions of Gutai group, an in the collective exhibitions in which this group.

in 1975 she a part in the founding of the group AU, in wich she works until this days.

Tsuruko Yamazak

Oil on canvas, signed and dated, 2009, 163 x 130 cm.

Price 65.000,-Euro

Tsuruko Yamazaki

Ing on postcard, signed, from 1962

Size: 14,8 x 10 cm

Price: 2800,-Euro

Tsuruko Yamazaki

Oil on canvas mounted on panel, signed (lower right) signed and dated (on the Reverse) 2006

Size: 22,9 x 16,2 cm

Price: 4800,-Euro