Yozo Ukita

Born: 1924 in Osaka, died 2013 in Osaka

In 1948 he tookpart in the publication of the childrens magazin "KIRIN", and there he met Jiro Yoshihara. He becomes Yoshihiras student, becomes a member of the Gutai group in 1955, and left the group in 1964.

In the first open-air exhibitions he showed iron structures of a minimalistic character.

Yozo Ukita

Acryl color and canvas collage on cardboard.

Signed and dated 1998

Size: 42 x 57 cm
Price: 5500,-Euro

Yozo Ukita

Yozo Ukita

Oil paintin on cavas, signed and dated, 1998, 60,5 x 41 cm.

Literatur. YOZO UKITA, South-West Häme Museum, Forssa, Finland.

Price: 5800,-Euro

Yozo Ukita

44. booklet, 1999

16 pages

Size: 15 x 21 cm
Price: 16,-Euro