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Fluxus Festival 1962

Fluxus Festival neueste Musik,
Wiesbaden 1962

A production of ECG Frankfurt
Playing time: 6 min.

A performance at the EDITION HUNDERTMARK, Cologne, May 1991.

A documentary video by RADAN VISION.
Playing time: 15 min.

1970 - 1995

Exhibition at the Cologne City Museum with ceremony by Armin Hundertmark.

Teil 1

Teil 2

Teil 3

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Swan Lake / Patterson

a<<live-video>>performance, V'!'MMI, Wiesbaden

Music: Peter Tchaikovsky
Choreography: Ben Patterson
Playing time: 15 min.

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A short film based on an idea of Fluxus artist

Al Hansen.

An experimental documentary feature film.

A production of Marit Mondorf, TAG / TRAUM Filmproduktion in cooperation with the Fachhochschule Dortmund, 2002.

Producer: Thomas Schmitt
Playing time: 15 min.

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“Peanut of a monday“,
Jan Voss

Warum sich die Erde dreht.


Edition of 54 copies
Playing time: 2 min.