Frantisek Kyncl

born 1934 in Pardubice, Tschechoslovakei, works and lives in Düsseldorf.


1968, Kulturhaus, Pardubice.

1973, Museum, Bochum.

1975, Städt. Galerie Schloss Oberhausen.

1982 Kunstverein Düsseldorf.

1989, Galerie Hanz Mayer, Düsseldorf.

1992, Kunstmuseum, Düsseldorf.

1993, Kunsthaus, Brünn

1998, Galerie Mala Spalovka, Prag.


Frantisek kyncl
Frantisek Kyncl

Frantisek Kyncl

Ink drawind and watercolor on paper, signed and

dated, 1983, 61 x 43cm.

Price: 1800,-Euro


Frantisek Kyncl

Frantisek Kyncl

Mixed media with oil pastel, signed and dated, 1984, 47,5 x 33,8 cm.

Price: sold